The spa has a room where we perform shiatsu and ayurveda massages. Shiatsu is a manual technique mainly based on the pressures brought by the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees or feet that promotes wellness on all levels (mental, emotional, physical). Ayurveda is an ancient medicine of Indian tradition deriving from the Vedas, the sacred writings dating back to 4000 years ago and whose knowledge is based on observation of nature and man. Ayurvedic massage are used to get rid of toxins, to facilitate the movement of energies and to eliminate tension and fatigue.

Neither turkish or finnish bath have a refreshing and relaxing action and reduce stress, promote a deep cleansing and purifying the skin and the internal organs making it supple and help to expel toxins. They also have positive effects on the cardiovascular system-lymphatic and respiratory system. It is not simply a steam bath, but is conceived as a healthy and relaxing bath. The turkish bath takes place in an environment saturated with water vapor (humidity 100%), which deposited on the skin, calls to perspiration.

Warm water improves circulation and relaxes the muscles, the massaging water pressurereduces swollen legs and cellulite. The whirlpool is particularly beneficial to musculoskeletal system diseases, to circulatory and cute massage-method, known for relaxation and physical well-being that it takes, uses the water pressure kept at a given temperature.

This hydrotherapy fosters and promotes blood circulation, activates and strengthens the immune system, helps to alleviate back pain and headaches, if due to an incorrect position (because those who walk barefoot automatically assumes a posture sound). The Kneipp walking is a path to run within two pools of water: one hot and one cold with the bottom covered with smooth pebbles and jets of water at intervals.

You can enjoy the small room to relax in the last phase of therapy, where you can drink a tea and a variety of herbal detoxification and relaxing with a light background music.

You can benefit from counseling as well as Iridology and Naturopathic therapies and detoxing diets. It is the best natural way to gain health and wellness easely without any drugs.

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