Agricultural azide in various forms on the island since 1836, as marked on the stone of our older house. Over time there have been various types of cultivation, with a prevalence of vineyards and olive groves, for its unique geology of the volcanic hills facing south and a microclimate favorevole.Nel 1990 is playing in the transformation of organic and some years Farm holidays after it started. In 2006 he started the restructuring of large farm under its rules and dictates of bio-architecture: materials, paints and furniture ecological and totally non-toxic. We have tried to infuse all our passion for nature and for the welfare all round. So we started un’agriturismo holistic approach that tries to combine traditional indigenous peasant crop with the knowledge of ancient Eastern traditions: yoga, taijiquan, taoism, shiatsu, ayurveda. Gradually, this led us to develop a synthesis of all paths that turn to the implementation of eco-friendly personal well-being to be experienced in loco.Una great attention is devoted to cooking healthy and tasty food in the ancient Mediterranean tradition, revisited by expert hands and wise, always taking into consideration the large lapels healthy. Besides the food aspect and devote particular attention to the use of the naturalistic movement in its various types, and the use of the small but efficient health club (Tao Center).


All our efforts, always, are targeted to seek balance with nature. Our natural farming methods take into account not only the food needs of our animals but also their way of life and their welfare: sheep, horses, poultry, dogs, cats have large spaces available to them and are left free for the most part of the day without forcing the pace of life. This gives, for example, our milk and our cheese a unique flavor, that old will not stop to surprise, so too for our sauces, jams, rustic pastries, vegetables and fruit. 
Our kind of organic and biodynamic, which means using only sustainable agricultural production systems that respect the Earth’s ecosystem, relying primarily on energized composting, crop rotations and use of specific enzyme activity (500, 501.502 etc. ..) of biodynamics in association with the moon phases. These methods guarantee us a better ecological fertility of the earth, plants and animals that have developed the most of their typical qualities and foods that strengthen the human metabolism.

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